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A&B Carting an American-owned, waste, and demolition services provider. We service nationwide, which is why you can count on AB Carting to provide the waste disposal and demolition services you need when and where you need them most.

We provide reliable, affordable services to customers all along Connecticut and all throughout the nation. No more shopping around and coordinating services from multiple providers. We save you time and money by providing a wide variety of waste and demolition services from a single source.

We are committed to protecting the environment. At A&B Carting, we adhere to all government regulations and best practices as part of our commitment to preserving the environment.



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Our Dumpster Rental & Disposal Services in Shelton, CT

Curbside Collection
Commercial Dumpsters
Roll-off Dumpsters
Landfill Services

Looking for a convenient solution for household waste? We offer Street Collection for household garbage, recyclables, and green organic waste. We also offer premium services, including back door, valet, and catering service.

Trash Can being emptied
Trash Can

Convenient, Reliable Service

We offer a variety of service schedules to accommodate your needs. From monthly to weekly or even daily pickup, you’ll find our service rates to be fair and affordable.

That doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. Our team is held to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service experience to each and every customer.

Keeping Your Neighborhood Clean

It is important to have a clean, sanitary environment and we can make that happen for you. We keep the environment safe and green while providing superior garbage collection service.

Find out how we can make your life easier and cleaner. Call us today for your free quote.


Renting a compactor is simple. You fill it up, the compactor does the work, and we haul it away – easy as that.

We offer several kinds of compactors great for everything from mixed solid and food waste, to paper and cardboard.

Space Saving Solutions

If you need to dispose of large volumes of garbage and have minimal space available, our self-contained compactors, or breakaway compactors, are the perfect solution. These high-powered hydraulic compactors compress your garbage so it only takes up one fourth of its original space.

Ranging up to 40 yards, our large self-contained compactors are ideal for factories, grocery stores, apartment complexes, shopping malls and more.


Quality Products and Service

Our self-contained compactors are highly durable, reliable and safe. We offer flexible servicing options for your self-contained compactor that can be as frequent as once a week.

Not sure which option is right for you? Just tell us about your waste problems and we can provide a quote and service schedule to fit your needs.

Maroon Dumpster

Commercial Dumpsters

Our easy front loading commercial dumpsters are an affordable and convenient way for any small business to dispose of waste and keep the property clean and tidy.

Options for Every Need

Front-loading dumpsters vary in size from 2 yards, 4 yards, 6 yards, and 8 yards across and can be used for either recycling or garbage. Ideal for permanent waste management, these dumpsters are appropriately placed outside restaurants, hospitals, apartments, grocery stores, gas stations, and many other businesses.

Get the Right Dumpster for You

Not sure what size dumpster you need or how often you need it emptied? We can help you find the right dumpster size, type, and service schedule that will meet your needs. We are happy to answers all your questions about recycling, equipment, contracts, pricing, and more, so give us a call today!

Why Choose Commercial Dumpsters?

When you opt for commercial garbage dumpsters, you can discard all your waste into a single dumpster. You no longer have to worry about your old furniture, dangerous debris, construction waste, daily waste, or your old appliances—you can comfortably throw them all into the dumpster.


Eight Benefits of Using Dumpster Rental…

1. A Safer Job Site

There are few things less safe than exposed piles of debris. It poses a risk to employees, management, clients, and anyone that may visit the site for any reason. Exposed trash and waste material increase the risk of accidents through exposure, tripping, and other dangers. When you rent a dumpster, your worksite is automatically free of these risks of piled-up trash, and everyone who goes there is safer. Workers also don’t have to haul away sharp, heavy, dangerous debris themselves when you rent a dumpster.

2. Versatile Waste Disposal

While there are as to what can be discarded in a dumpster, overall a range of waste materials can be disposed of. From construction waste to old furniture, to miscellaneous debris, all of it can be piled into the dumpster for convenient disposal. If you require assistance with hazardous waste disposal, we can help with that, too.

3. Better Compliance

When you partner with a professional waste disposal company, you can rest assured that your trash will be disposed of in accordance with current laws and regulations.

4. A More Efficient Job Site

Having one designated place to discard all waste materials instead of piling it up or using smaller containers can actually make your workers more efficient. It eliminates the time and energy bleed-off associated with waste disposal because the decision is made for them. You also won’t have to have workers make trips to the disposal site themselves; when the job is done, the waste will be automatically removed and taken care of. Your workers are freed up to focus on more value-added tasks.

5. Reduced Risk of Litigation

With a safer, more efficient job site and help with proper waste disposal, the risk of expensive lawsuits for your company automatically decrease. This can save you untold amounts in legal bills going forward.

6. Eco-Friendly

Proper waste disposal is also kinder to the environment. Since more waste can be picked up and disposed of in one trip, this cuts down on CO2 emissions and reduces your company’s carbon footprint.

7. Peace of Mind

Another dumpster rental benefit you might not have expected is the added peace of mind it can bring. With a reduced risk of job site injury and litigation, you’ll sleep better at night and feel more at ease throughout the day.

8. Increased Profits

Employees that can work more safely and efficiently are naturally more productive. This makes your business more productive as well, reducing expenses and boosting the bottom line.

When you rent a dumpster, convenient waste disposal is just the beginning. You’ll also get to enjoy all of these additional benefits of dumpster rental and professional waste removal.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters are ideal for commercial construction sites as well as junk removal, re-roofing jobs, removing debris from home renovations, foreclosures, and more. We have the right dumpster for every project.


The Right Size for You

Whether you are a large commercial contractor or a homeowner clearing out the garage, roll-off construction dumpsters are ideal for any project size. We offer a range of roll-off dumpsters all at an affordable price.

You can choose from containers as small as 10 cubic yards, perfect for smaller home renovations or yard waste cleanup, up to 40 cubic yard construction containers holding 5 tons of debris. We also provide recycling services for clean heavy debris, tree or yard debris, scrap metals, cardboard, paper, tires, and plastic.

Quality and Convenience

Dumpster Truck

We deliver roll off dumpsters when and where you need them. We also offer empty and return services if you need to have more than one load removed.

Not sure what size or type of dumpster you need? We can help. Simply tell our team about your needs or the project you are working on and we can identify dumpster rental options that fit your needs and budget.

Truck holding roll-off dumpster
Maroon Dumpster

Landfill Services

As the final disposal site for solid waste, landfills are an important part of waste management infrastructure. We safely manage the disposal of a wide variety of waste materials.

Working with a reliable proven environmental partner is not only recommended for the environment but also recommended for an organized and professional experience.

Safe, Responsible Disposal

We are dedicated to operating and maintaining safe and cost-effective landfill services that are mindful of the environment. We adhere to all government regulations and strive to meet or exceed waste disposal best practices to ensure minimal impact on our surrounding community.

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